latest flower —

Flowers # 47  

                                         some ONE


                             and                                  a


                                                     color starts                               —–


                      the skies are streaked by little hands

                            there are ornaments displayed

and then,  destroyed


a punctuation mark

slips the skin of a

slender girl

who enjoys


                                             in each instance of joy

                                             the tomb was broken down into

                                             sybilant vowels

                                                               bowls       and howls

                                                     a band of emerging children

                                               fire on the heads and at

                                               the feet  

Max Wolf Valerio July 10, 2014

I read Cyclops Emergence – Will

A video of me reading my poem “Cyclops Emergence – Will” from the anthology Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (Nightboat Books)

Flowers and donate if you can

Another April flower!  If you enjoy these poems, do donate please at the donate button.  I’m in the midst of a lengthy and difficult transition and re-entry back into the Bay Area from Denver, and  — I could use it and I do appreciate each and every dollar!   In order to continue receiving these visions, from the Poetry Monster above and below, I apparently need a job, though I have stated again and again, that the visions feel like job enough!  Even so… I am searching. So — don’t forget your local poet people, who is local to the globe, this earth and planet now.  And, thank you!!!  

I also want to thank everyone who has donated this month! I have never actively asked before, so it wasn’t easy to do so, but everyone who did send a bit of money, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You are all super!  


Flowers #32


 night people

                                                                                                                 drinking champagne

                                                                                             waddling over to watch

                                                                                   a million criminal flowers       

                                                                  purple and bruised             

Max Wolf Valerio (C) April 18, 2014


Flowers Again

Winding down here on NaPoWriMo, I’ve been doing many poetry related things, which I will report on in time.  Here, my ongoing poem – Flowers, one poem for every shot of T I have taken so far.  That means I have over 570 flowers to write!

Flowers #34


in order to understand

 flowers                 we have to consider


we have to consider


the white flat background

a passage

an escalating sobriety –

Max Wolf Valerio, (c) April 24, 2014


Another Flower

Flowers #29

                       so we must stop dreaming with our eyes open                 and cast our lot with

                                                           muscle cars, with red balloons, with action heroes

                   the dreams must stop                  adrenaline

subsides as our glands retreat

                                                the old fashioned ligature slips


                                                                         — digging my way out of the small room I felt enclosed as the air expanded to blue color


                    doors-               opening                          a tent full of tears

Max Wolf Valerio (c) April 4, 2014



Flowers #28

Flowers # 28



          cool                   agents of hardcore                        trajectory annihilation

                                                                   angels        flow to entry and disappearance                     stiletto satin

floats white bird evaporation             blue steel

portraits bing  bang



Max Wolf Valerio (c) April 3, 2014





Flowers #24

Here’s a poem, first up for NaPoWriMo and part of the larger, “Flowers” series…


Flowers #24  


                         extinguish                   the mortal

                                                        petals                          —  longing

                                                                      for a life living             –beyond

                                                                this one            short as a dime

                                               held up by cones and           short rods

                                                                                         short at the shore


                                                                           the alabaster demon nude as language

                                                                           with hips that swivel



Max Wolf Valerio (c) April 1, 2014


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poetry and visions from a wandering apostate


poetry and visions from a wandering apostate

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poetry and visions from a wandering apostate

poetry and visions from a wandering apostate

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poetry and visions from a wandering apostate

poetry and visions from a wandering apostate

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