The Rebel Fish — poem 10, day 10

I’ve got a cold and I am a little down for the count so this almost didn’t happen, but then, it did. Poem 10 on Day 10!  Here we go… 


The Rebel Fish                  Max Wolf Valerio 


To be

able to

swim with

The red striped sharks 

one must 

concentrate on abandoning 



an oracular concentration of insight 

is necessary 

the intelligence of sea webs  


I watch as 

the easily “triggered” wail and twist 

the ocean wind 

mocks their wounds


one tentacle is

exposed to

ocean predators

and I will

squeeze each one I am able to grasp and hold


the looming threat of annihilation, misrepresentation and/or  – engorgement  

deconstruction of  — 

through a precise series

of cuts


I wander the ocean floor

on claws created from suction cups

closer to the surface I can hear the




detached from the womb

for many months

floating face down

my nemesis


a glaring       


when we meet

I can only hope to

shrink to a size

small enough to



                                        ( I am smiling  — ) 

by Max Wolf Valerio     (c) April, 10, 2012 








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