The Meeting – Poem 12 on Day 12

Poem 12 on Day 12!  Here we go… 


The Meeting                    by Max Wolf Valerio 


he watches and

             curtains open          the stage is littered with toys

                      burning rubber           inhales the small objects        he turns his face to a mirror  

            the dislocation is abstract yet tangible           far off —  a sound of celebration

                                                             contrasts              an escalating sense of doom


the odor of gasoline is intermittent yet


                                 the  anonymous faces are printed on blank sheets of paper

       and distributed to the

              group of unpaid volunteers



the men are invited into the room

and told to remove their

name tags


each one is photographed


he attempts to leave before his name is called but

he is unable to move


                            he calls for her


           enveloped with pride

                      she walks to the train station              — his call is an echo 

                                       she refuses —

                                       she is on the train now

                      while the windows flash episodic              she begins her journey to the next     




by Max Wolf Valerio (c) April 12, 2012






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