Fire on Music for Doctor Night Owl 16th poem on 16th day

Here, a playful “song” or musical poem of a kind.  Made to be read aloud.  As most of my work is, but this one — truly.  It is the 16th poem for the 16th day of NaPoWriMo.


Fire on Music for Doctor Night Owl                              Max Wolf Valerio


the arc of fire

braided around her

her open scream

her open face


drums levitate                   in distance                slow   

slow                    underwater

flutes                                            atomic séance

somnambulant     bouncing          tourists


medallion stallion

horse hearse renegade chicken!

hollow hallways

moaning churning package of children!


the beat       the beatitude

the patron slouch                the bum of all souls

bum of lightning                       bum of soft weather

bum of beat soul              burning


                                                yearning for Doctor Night Owl

                                                          crescent nocturne

                           obsidian dial      turn to –

   night objects

   in the swift liquid                       sky



stadium   vanity                       — tree

herd school                                        mollusk

standing                                             ovation


a dial                 winds

   the chime          finds    a sneaking skull cape eye cap

                war on world fire

    telephone      word               desire         flyer!


    the ending of some things and

                                                    the beginning of

                          another                  light troll        brother


                                                                 the matter                 

                         soul      scuttle      

                               rinse         toward

                   home           faucets                        home faucets

                                             home           faucets                            home



by Max Wolf Valerio  (c) April 16, 2012



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