subaltern in shades: anticipating summer – day 19, poem 19!

 I wasn’t sure I could pull this one out, but the madness is always there, just beneath the surface – heh. 

: )  Do enjoy. 


subaltern in shades:anticipating summer    —              Max Wolf Valerio


subaltern in shades

slant monsters


midget cuneiform encyclopedia



subaltern in shades

semiotic Cyclops entellechy


the direction that fear runs

sideways and over

the bridge’s




in two places at one time

simultaneous to an exit


binary lockjaw maiden

you saw my elbows off at the root

and make my knees into strings



hell broken loose

for love –


when I see you

I know

we will be joined and

replace our joints


in the mad




by Max Wolf Valerio (C) April 19, 2012



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