Sacrifice when angels fold their wings 23rd poem on 23rd day

Here’s another science fiction fantasy type poem, some kind of ritual from another world.  And, it is the 23rd poem on the 23rd day of NaPoWriMo!  Enjoy! 


Sacrifice when angels fold their wings  —                     Max Wolf Valerio 


the explosions were all connected


blindfolded and tied


                           in the wilding night

                           beak sharp flame        entropy of eyes molded to sacrifice


           observe the flat concrete          — eruptions of angelic voices and dark blue sigils wrapped

         in linen shrouds               sticky with red           the last blade               is the first —



conical mounds                             a stratospheric song  audible only from a distance



and scarification

white and blue virgins

admonish the folded wings

the throne materializes without effort

and there is an appearance of soft rubber

on the faces of the young females who have

lifted their eyes to the rotating ones —                      expanding as joy inflates

the turtles are gutted and arranged in rows

the rabbits have their feet set to the direction of the water angels

the mountain lions are allowed to roam as the alien cones come to land and open up


to the flowering sky

to the red ocean

                  and the soft flying insects

to the shells and open hearts held

up to time and motion that returns  —

laughter and


         nocturnal eyes

    held open with sharp knives –


by Max Wolf Valerio (c) April 23, 2012 


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