the unknowns Poem 24 on Day 24

A quick edit, and now — here it is again!  Poem 24 on day 24 of NaPoWriMo!  Enjoy. 



the unknowns                                       Max Wolf Valerio 


silhouettes of men sewn

into fabric

pinned to walls


                         the oval faces expand until they eclipse  —


there is a point

an error

in time

that will not return to right

                                     itself – 


                                  who are they and why are they here


a row of men


the shots are single and target

their chests –

torsos explode

                    in an avalanche


                                    slivers and

                               silver                            shapes


terror on soft feet

battens their eyes

to close


                           someday – these names will be known



by Max Wolf Valerio  (c) April, 24, 2012



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