Clear Mind Starlight City — Poem 25 on Day 25 is here

This one took a minute but it is here!  Poem 25 on Day 25! 


Clear Mind  Starlight City                 Max Wolf Valerio


stars lash the sky as wind




                           and —

it’s time to step out

from the distance

to what is close


to examine

what is clearly visible  —


even the starlight

filters through

fog to



just as this leaning city is visible

from those tarry rooftops —

once the lights are on

all night

and there’s a roaring


what is visible can be


and what can be heard



the strongest fears

and the slightest hesitancy


undone, all undone  —  in bright spangling   

                           clarity     —  

the will

of starlight                to bring still

thoughts                       to

attention  —


By Max Wolf Valerio    (c) April 25, 2012 


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