The Liars Poem 26 on Day 26 of NaPoWriMo —

It is here!  Poem 26 on Day 26!!!  


The Liars                                           Max Wolf Valerio


the solution was not to be

bottled, sold or consumed


there was not an exit to



all the sidewalks were littered with glass from windows, bottles and

shattered mirrors


I was unable to stop anyone

who wanted to lie


the plunging terror lit up the sidewalks with



fires while lost people danced

safety pins and razor blades hung to the bottom, their skin was stretching —


tireless soft machines rolling drinks

embezzling money with bloated fingers


exaggerations  —  above the wide canopy

hair flying in an arabesque


and over the stilts – a noise whirs from a distance

altitude abbreviates the ascent of wings


angles collide with the edges of buildings

escalation to crisis  —  previously unknown demands surface


stipulation of anonymous sources to provide alibis

two flying men  —  and two animals


masks  —

a silence writes over the bones of the dead



by Max Wolf Valerio © April 26, 2012





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