The Bridge into the Water Poem 27 on Day 27

Here is something a bit different, on Day 27, it is Poem 27!!!  


The Bridge into the Water                  Max Wolf Valerio 


walking near the river I was taken in by

the sounds drawing me to the surface of the water and

down into the interior where I sensed a lingering, unknowable

distance between what was expected and what could be anticipated to actually happen


the bridge was broken in the middle yet

somehow         it appeared to be intact

until you got to the part that

had collapsed


the bridge opened as I walked on it

the bridge became a gap between worlds that was both symbolic and actual

the bridge sucked me underneath it even though I fought hard to resist that charm


underneath the water was warm and felt like the blood of a wild beast sucking

me inside to where the soft and concave surfaces met and enveloped

my trust and eagerness to understand more than I knew already

and I was consumed and I was entirely dissolved

my knowing broke into small parts in

the water


and then, when I saw where I was, and who I was —  I got up and walked to where I am now 


I–  just – started–   laughing!


Heh – (!) 


by Max Wolf Valerio   (c) April 27, 2012 


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