Insight — Day 29, Poem 29

Almost at the end of the road here on the month of April, 2012 NaPoWriMo, or am I at the end of the road?  So, the question begins.  Here, Poem 29 on day 29 – enjoy!


Insight                             Max Wolf Valerio


so I was coming to the end of the road

I saw the intersection up ahead teeming with

flying insects              no cars, just big fat bugs!

translucent green carapace and whirring blue wings!

whirring helicopter bugs caught without shame dive-bombing

mosh pits of insects!    huge eyes with sunglasses      no

Really – sunglasses! 

I took a double take   Wow –

some were singing and others gesticulating wildly

pointing at me, trying to warn the others

that I was watching and

I could not fly –


I waited… WAIT ONE MINUTE!!!!

were these           ah, insects or –

were they    — drones?

at some point, I had to question my own

deeply held



many of these creatures appeared to be equipped

for surveillance

they possessed a warring intelligence

set to stun and inculcate

doubt incubating


tiny red mirrors set like precious stones into

their foreheads


every single instance

all the moments of certainty that I had

entertained as I drove            sparking

flight          began to unfold and flower to

complication —


Was I really at the end of the road?


by Max Wolf Valerio (c) April 29, 2012


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