Mountain — Poem 30 on the 30th day of NaPoWriMo

So, it’s the end of the road for NaPoWriMo!  For me, quite a journey.  I do thank all who read and continue to read.  I will keep this Hypotenuse Wolf blog and update from time to time, either with new work, or — with commentary on poetry, or various forms of writing/art/music/film and cultural events.  However, Hypotenuse Wolf will have always poetry as a foundation — one way or another. I’ll be adding a blog roll or links too, at least a few.  So, keep reading.  I am taking a break though first, for a few days at least.  It’s been fun!  And, for me, expanding! 


Mountain                                                             Max Wolf Valerio


the mountain

a song


and open

from here

two psalms

a staff and a

long winding


to tears and



the mountain


above clouds

the apex

a crown

fire from the head

breach of secrecy

an opening




collapse and shift in


night winds




the lookout

on the mountain top

scribe of subconscious




by Max Wolf Valerio  (C) April 30, 2012


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