Max Wolf Valerio reads on Jupiter 88

Max Wolf Valerio reads on Jupiter 88

I was on a stupendous writer’s retreat put on by RADAR Labs in Akumal Mexico two weeks ago.  I had an amazing time and managed to bang out over 21,000 words on a new novel!  RADAR was wonderful to have me and I met some amazing poets and writers.  I also was featured on Jupiter 88, the videoblog of Pew awarding winning poet, CA Conrad.   I read “Mountain”, a poem I wrote and posted here, on the last day of April.  Enjoy and also, take a look around the blog and view other RADAR writers, and the video of RADAR Labs that was taken by CA.  We had a great time!  I thank Michelle Tea again and all the RADAR people, and send out the warmest of wishes and inspiration to the poets and writers I lived with those 11 days.   All of you! Whether we shared a condo, or a meal, or a swim in the lagoon and the ocean, I had a great time and am so honored to know you all.  

Enjoy the video! 


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