Back to NaPoWriMo — a poem, Elements

So, this year, I am doing NaPoWriMo again, but with a friend.   We are emailing each other poems each day, often quite late.  But we are writing the poems!  Which is the purpose.  This year, I decided not to publish each poem each day.  However, I am going to publish a few.  And, here is the first – Elements.  




On the day of


          angles abruptly cancel a convergence of soft petals


on the day of


           bowls of frankincense soften the pallor of starlight


on the day of


       elevations of glass shards shoot up and obscure the open long field


on the day of


            overflowing liquids immerse my feet


on the day of


            the earth is torched by thieves


on the day of


     the suffocation of children is silent and linked to wind moving upon soft                   openings


on the day of


           the green shoots are labeled and monitored as they levitate


on the day of


           the algorithm opens the satellite’s interior light

Max Wolf Valerio © April 12, 2013



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