The Circle

Another poem plucked from my pile of poems written in this month of NaPoWriMo.

The Circle


The stones were not in place when I saw them

sleeping and full near the side of the road


heaven was abstract then and a dream away

we played with symbols and fetish objects for hope


only on the beach apertures began to open, flooding our senses

musical shells and iron tools were scattered on the sand


sleep came as night began to seep into the windows

the moon was radiant


I could hear the howling as soon as I got into my car

I could feel the dirt road under the wheels churning bones and the teeth of wild cats


we got out and began to search for the hunters

deer and bobcat, svelte badgers were circling at a wide distance


sight became extended , up to the stars following the long line of lights along poles

barriers become transparent, as we name the animals and call to each one

Max Wolf Valerio © April 20, 2013


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