The Testosterone Files is out on Audible

The Testosterone Files is finally out on Audible as an audiobook!  For all those who prefer to listen rather than read text, and for those who wish to hear the book animated and alive to the ear, here it is!    I narrated the book myself and loved every minute of it!  Hopefully, you will enjoy listening.  Here:

I truly enjoyed the process of reading my book for recording.  It helps that I write for the ear as well as the eye, having learned that long ago from The Beats and their emphasis on the ear, on writing even prose for the ear as well as the wandering, perceptive eye.  No doubt though that reading a book out loud is a different task from writing it and there’s no room for error.  Like any newbie I had my stops and starts, Mike Cramp, my sound engineer at  Postmodern Company in Denver, was patient and skillful.  That also made the entire process easier.  We got through the recording expediently and with little frustration.   I do hope you enjoy the finished product.    

I want to thank my wondrous Audible editor Susie Bright — for initiating this process and making it all possible.   Susie’s vision and ability to create reality from dreams is why this audiobook happened at all.   Thanks Susie!   And, also thanks to her daughter Aretha Bright!  Aretha works with Susie on her Audible list and a better mother/daughter team is not possible!  

So, give it a listen and spread the word.  And, thank you ahead of time.