new work by j/j hastain: Non-Novels – The New Elemental Project

nonnovels    j/j hastain is a poet, priestess, and pundit of the subconscious, surreal and sensationally sensate.  Also a bit of a poltergeist of gender transmission and translocation, j/j is pleth *.    I call pleth  “j forward slash j” since pleth’s name is less nomenclature than address.  A pointer toward a place, yet one that is virtual and not entirely dependent upon actual and specific earthly addresses although always informed by the senses.   Continue reading “new work by j/j hastain: Non-Novels – The New Elemental Project”


Two Voices — Poem 11 on Day 11

Now, Poem 11 for the 11th day of NaPoWriMo.  Enjoy!  


Two Voices                   Max Wolf Valerio 


Sixteen miles

Iron and ice


Fourteen roads

Pointing to the distance


twelve hours

time bloats in a water glass


ten prayers

through the light of a basement on fire


eight guitars

the sound is noise and then, it is not


6 popsicles

when summer comes, the green girls dance


4 calendars

when you wanted to leave, but did not


2 planes

the tilting was not reversible, from the longest point that I remember


no one was saved                     the clouds hung shawls down 


by Max Wolf Valerio  (C) April 11, 2012