Flowers #24

Here’s a poem, first up for NaPoWriMo and part of the larger, “Flowers” series…


Flowers #24  


                         extinguish                   the mortal

                                                        petals                          —  longing

                                                                      for a life living             –beyond

                                                                this one            short as a dime

                                               held up by cones and           short rods

                                                                                         short at the shore


                                                                           the alabaster demon nude as language

                                                                           with hips that swivel



Max Wolf Valerio (c) April 1, 2014



Spring is here! A new YouTube channel appears

OK, it is now spring and yes, April Fools and also National Poetry Month. I have a plan this month and that includes NaPoWriMo!   I have begun a series called “Flowers” which is a poem for every shot of testosterone I have done. That’s over 500, I am on shot #571 or so. I’ve been been numbering them from the beginning. The beginning was now 25 years ago. Yes, and on the first day of spring!  On March 20th, HAIL SPRING! Each Flowers poem is short. I won’t be posting many, but I might post a few over the course of the month. I guess that means I begin sometime today.   I’ve been writing this series any way, so here is another excuse to write more.

Meanwhile, there’s this new Hypotenuse Wolf YouTube channel! For spring!   Check it out.    I’m reading my poem “Nocturnal Pump”.

Drunk at the Fat Man Bar

second day of NaPoWriMo – Poem Two — enjoy!


Drunk at the Fat Man Bar         Max Wolf Valerio

stiletto cat-face

                                      slinks into   —

                  a million miles of brawlers

 absurd         drawling ankle crawlers

                    drinking at the long bar

                    holding forth on the election

                    the fat pennies soar like eagles

                     while           dice play games with muscle cars


           — too far to go?

                               a high heeled woman dances

                                         with  paper mache

          the blow job inferno


the big screen


pumped and ready


                       as for me — I’m  wearing my best guns

                with a blues bottle neck guitar chord

                                                                            soaking up my gills  —


Max Wolf Valerio (c) April, 2nd, 2012