poem 9 on day 9 — Osa is 9

Here’s the 9th poem, for the 9th day!  I take inspiration here from Osa, (Oh- sah) the odu in Yoruban divination that is about change, transformation and — travel.  Any way, I’m playing with that here.  Enjoy!


 Osa is 9 —                               Max Wolf Valerio


Osa is movement, 9 heads of the hydra

brooding just beneath water         puncturing the surface

                                                               of the vast ocean            in bursts

                   wild wire         columns of hurricane winds

                            lifting up into                  the atmosphere       poised

                                                                in rankling  sheets of air

                  Osa transforms                     Nine is nine columns of wind

                                                                Up right and then, tilting

                                                      hurtling toward the creation of



                                                      ten holds two places

                                           one is full            and another signifies

            emptiness       or completion        the awesome possibility of zero      



an infinite multiplication           of mad ruffling numerals                       stilts on fire              lightning ahead of the calling winds 


                                        atomic             and scorching        to white dust


                rending of cloth       and high-pitched howls      tornado amplification


                O-sah               transformation in a cacophony of voices             speaking

inside cemeteries            the boss lady of the graveyard         listening and calling out anonymous in a crowd           unseen yet felt                from a distance


                       nine and nine                nearly tipping over –

                               an avenging angel            sword and flashing             bolts

                                                           open               the future


 by Max Wolf Valerio   (c) April 9, 2012