poem 8 — 8th day — the eighth day comes to awareness

The 8th poem on the eighth day. 

Now, the eighth day is after the seventh, and as such marks an ‘extra” day. If we do not bring the days back, to the beginning of the first day, in other words — eight is another, other, and outside the usual seven.  So, this poem is for that * extra * day, marking an expansion that is outside of the circle, an appendage of the week nearly – reaching out, extending beyond, to the next moment where thought creates time and circles back to the beginning of a new week.  This eighth day extends beyond — and in doing so, is “extra-conceptual” and dwells completely in the realm of the imaginary.  It is imagination, in all its power, extending beyond and creating anew.  So, we come to spring. 

Eight or eyiogbe is all light in Yoruban divination systems.  It is an odu, or sign that means and creates all blessings that could be, coming from heaven – a resounding yes.  So, let’s open the poem!


  the eighth day comes to awareness              by Max Wolf Valerio


sour milk apostrophe

wild ray guns    of summer


night and heat

a warped array




dark escalating

precision of wind


racing into a landscape

of knifes and motors




the smallest possibilities

become larger as you get closer to the source


stealing nature’s inferno

alchemy of elements




risk and chance inaugurate a symphonic dance

particles mimic certainty


mirrors radiate adolescent wounds

a miracle opposing nature




winds duel in a cinema

alliance of black and gray powers




symbols integrate into a landscape of radiant iron towers

unseen and subliminal artifacts mutate inside the ground




A loose arrangement of knives, whistles and boomerangs

Floating as the sky wraps into a collection of expanding explosions


erasure of all familiar landmarks

a renewal of motion slowly becoming apparent from behind unmarked buildings




the foundational agreement        a covenant radiating light

instigating, fomenting, expansive         with light wings


                 taut                                 above  —



Max Wolf Valerio   (c) April 8, 2012