new work by j/j hastain: Non-Novels – The New Elemental Project

nonnovels    j/j hastain is a poet, priestess, and pundit of the subconscious, surreal and sensationally sensate.  Also a bit of a poltergeist of gender transmission and translocation, j/j is pleth *.    I call pleth  “j forward slash j” since pleth’s name is less nomenclature than address.  A pointer toward a place, yet one that is virtual and not entirely dependent upon actual and specific earthly addresses although always informed by the senses.   Continue reading “new work by j/j hastain: Non-Novels – The New Elemental Project”


My Interview of J/J Hastain in PANK

My Interview of J/J Hastain in PANK

Here, my interview of the marvelous poet J/J Hastain — a poet and innovative writer worth paying close attention to.  PANK did misspell my last name but that’s life. 

Here, a portion beginning the interview: 

MWV:  What is the relationship of the body to identity, and how does language intercede–or not? 

For me, body (corpuscle and feelings therein) and page (what for me is one of contemporary languages’ core impetuses) correlate in stippling-like processes, always approximating authenticity. Identity is the active and ongoing stimulation of a profoundly necessary simulation; a way to relate to (myself as) form. There is a continual need to keep in motion in order for the stippling from stifling.

MWV:   A figure appears in your forthcoming book Luci: a Forbidden Soteriology.  You write:  “The red of the queer mystic’s human flesh in response to the frigid temperature of the river was something that, from that event on, never left them.”  Tell me about the “queer mystic”?  

I love LuciLuci loves you. The queer mystic of Luci (my book) is different than how I work with queer mysticism in praxis but I can certainly speak to both here.

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