Donate for a Gendernaut!

So soon I’m off to take part in the filming of a short teaser for Gendernauts 2 . This will be a short film in preparation for a feature that reprises the amazing Gendernauts shot and directed by the awesome Monika Treut in San Francisco some twenty years ago. I’m not living in San Francisco right now, having  relocated recently and I’m searching for work in my new city. So, any small amount anyone can spare to help with the expense of being back in San Francisco, while the film is being made, and keeping current on my bills — is appreciated! The film should be super!

I should probably get a Patreon account at some point and all of this is on the drawing board, but till then, any small or larger contribution is appreciated at the “donate” button.

You know you are the best.  Thank you!!!


Day 6 — Decision between Thoughts

Poem for the 6th Day of NaPoWriMo.  Sometimes, they can be short, though that is not my tendency.  I’ve always come up with poems that were more than two, sometimes more than three pages long, but now and then…

Decision between thoughts —              by Max Wolf Valerio



Not that knife!  


                     The other –


Max Wolf Valerio (c) April 6, 2012